The mystery that involves Caddo Lake is one of the most beautiful things about this place. Thousands of Bald Cypress draped with Spanish moss, are just like a movie scene. But as mysterious as it is, it can be wild as well. It’s home to wild species like alligators.

On this day we drove about 3 hours to our destination. First, we met with one of the locals to give us a tour around the lake. This was our third time at the lake, and every time we go, we schedule a tour with a guide. We always bring someone new to the lake or we just simply love listening to the story of how it began. 

After the tour, we went to visit the State Park. There you can fish, paddle, hike, picnic, camp, or stay in a cabin. Since we were going just for one day, we decided to pick a trail and go for a walk with our dogs.